Anti-gay matrimony protesters lapse to France’s streets

The impetus was fast interrupted by 6 topless feminist protesters from the Femen organisation who were fast surrounded by demonstrators before police intervened.

The “Manif Pour Tous” (Protest for Everyone) debate has been re-activated two years after a final sizeable demonstration.

Protesters hold signs with slogans such “United for a family” as they made their approach towards a Eiffel Tower, many of them fluttering French tricolore flags or banners in a movement’s heading pinkish and blue.

Police pronounced adult to 24,000 people took part, while organisers put a number far aloft during 200,000.

The aim of their annoy is a 2013 law legalising same-sex marriage introduced by Christiane Taubira, a probity apportion during a time.

One protester attending a march, 72-year-old late operative Michel Delaune, said: “I am opposite happy matrimony and opposite a crappy leaders who oppose a energy of a people.”

A 29-year-old male who identified himself as Guy pronounced he wanted a “return to the beliefs of Christian civilisation in terms of family, instituitions and work.”

But around a hundred happy rights activists mounted a counter-demo to “respond to a hatred propagated by Manif Pour Tous”, with same-sex couples kissing in rebuttal during a city’s executive Place de la Republique.

The anti-gay march, that took place underneath high security, upheld off peacefully detached from a brief fight between demonstrators and a gaggle of around 20 activists from an anti-fascist movement.

In sum 13 people were arrested, including a 6 Femen protesters.

Three years ago, Manif Pour Tous mounted a powerful debate against same-sex matrimony — during one indicate claiming to have brought 1.4 million on the streets of Paris.

But President Francois Hollande defied a protests and in 2013 France legalised happy marriage.

The transformation faded away, though a personality Ludovine de la Rochere pronounced it now had “a splendid future” since Hollande’s Socialist supervision had “destabilised families”.

But nothing of a heading possibilities for a worried assignment for next year’s presidential choosing have pronounced they have any goal of repealing same-sex unions if they are elected.

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