French PM confirms plan to keep state of emergency

From the government’s point of view, the state of emergency has proved effective. Here’s what it has resulted in:

  • 80 jihadists or people linked to extremist Islam expelled from France
  • 201 “dangerous” individuals blocked from entering France
  • 430 people barred from leaving France to fight jihad in the Middle East
  • 20 “radical” mosques and Muslim prayer halls closed 
  • 54 websites blocked for glorifying terrorism or for recruiting potential jihadists.
  • 4,000 police raids, prompting around 500 arrests
  • 600 arms have been seized including 77 “weapons of war”
  • 95 people living under house arrest, down from over 400 in February

While the government can boast about its figures, rights groups like the International Federation of Human Rights say the ongoing state of emergency has been damaging.

“Fundamental rights have been abused and there has been an impact on the Muslims in France, who are at a high risk of stigmatization and having their social links broken down,” say the FIDH.

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