Here’s what the French need to do to speak better English

Stop le mocking

Linked to the problem of a lack of confidence is French people’s tendency to ridicule each other’s level of English – and it’s got to stop!

Whether they are sensitive about their accent or just too scared to really give it a go, the last thing a French English learner needs is to be mocked, but it happens a lot (just see the video below where the president is laughed at for his English)

“The fear of being ridiculed, of making a mistake, and being told off by the teacher is rooted in the psyche of most young French people. So just imagine how it feels when we have to do it in English,” said French student Lea Surugue.

“Being mocked for having a strong accent in English is a fear most teenagers cannot shake off in their language classes and that doesn’t disappear into adulthood.”

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