Israeli runner shatters national marathon record for women after 12 years

Israeli long-distance runner Elena Dolinin shattered the Israeli women’s marathon record on Sunday, when she was seventh across the tape in the Berlin marathon in a time of 2:35:59.

It was the first competitive marathon that Dolinin, 38, had ever run. She broke Nili Avramski’s 12-year-old record by 37 seconds.

Dolinin, the mother of three children, is a high-tech worker at Motti Mizrahi’s MM Group and not a professional athlete.

She finished the last two kilometers of the marathon in an average of 3.27 minutes per kilometer, he fastest pace throughout the race.

“I never imagined that I would achieve such a result,” Dolinin said after the race. “I was training for two hours 38 minutes, but as the race proceeded I found that the pace was too slow for me.”

“I speeded up all the time, but my inexperience sometimes kept me back because I was scared that I would hit the wall at some stage.”

I’m very happy with my result, but I remain with my feet on the ground. Whatever happens, I will continue to do what I love – to run.”

Her trainer, Motti Mizrahi, said that Dolinin is “a serious runner who invests a lot of time in hard training. She has exceptional self-discipline, but there’s no doubt that discipline without talent wouldn’t have brought her this far.

“I hope that she will now be recognized as a senior Israeli athlete in all respects.”