Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is an unwelcome return, says CBC’s Eli Glasner

There are things Tom Cruise does well when playing an unstoppable action hero like Jack Reacher: jumping, running and punching, for instance.

Collaborators always talk about how hard Cruise works to nail the moment or perfect that fight scene. But where’s the vulnerability? Where’s the heart?

It’s time for the superstar to get human again, says CBC’s Eli Glasner.

Watch the video above for Glasner’s full review.

RATING: 2 out of 5 stars

Film Review - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Tom Cruise returns in the action thriller Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, a sequel about the former military cop from the bestselling novel series by Lee Child. (Chiabella James/Paramount Pictures/Skydance Productions/Associated Press)

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