Liberal MP Majid Jowhari apologizes for misstating engineering credentials

A rookie Liberal MP has apologized for wrongly offered himself to electorate as a veteran operative during final fall’s sovereign choosing campaign.

Majid Jowhari, MP for a Toronto-area roving of Richmond Hill, now says he was protected as a veteran operative from 1995 to 1999, after that his looseness was cancelled for non-payment.

Under a Professional Engineers Act, unlawful people are taboo from regulating a titles “engineer” and “professional engineer.”

Yet Jowhari used both those terms to report his certification during an all-candidates debate.

As a result, Professional Engineers Ontario, a regulatory physique for a contention in a province, charged Jowhari with violating a act.

However, it withdrew a charges after Jowhari concluded to coop a open minute of reparation and present $5,000 to a Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education.

In a letter, published Monday, Jowhari says his outline of his certification during a all-candidates assembly was “unscripted” and “incorrect” and, in retrospect, “potentially misleading.”

“I did not intend to trick anyone. we bewail these statements and unequivocally apologize for my actions,” he writes.

“This knowledge has taught me a profitable doctrine about a need for pointing during all times when addressing my engineering preparation and credentials. In a future, we will refrain during all times from regulating limited titles but clarifying that we was a member of PEO and am no longer protected as a veteran engineer.”

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