Marine Le Pen quick to congratulate Donald Trump

Le Pen, who heads the anti-immigration National Front (FN), tweeted: “Congratulations to the new president of the United States Donald Trump and to the free American people”.

One of Le Pen’s deputies in the National Front party Florian Philippot tweeted out a picture of Le Pen with the words: Their world is collapsing, ours is being built”.

Trump’s expected victory will give Le Pen the belief she too can upset the apple cart and be elected as president of France next May.

She will be hopeful she can go one step further than Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton and become the first female president of her country.

Le Pen is favourite to reach the second round vote, but opinion polls suggest she will be defeated by a right wing candidate, probably Alain Juppé.

Le Pen did not hide her opinions on Clinton during the campaign.

She said Clinton would “destabilise the world” if she wins the White House

“Hillary Clinton is war. Hillary Clinton is devastation,” Le Pen told CNN last month.

A Clinton win would mean “geostrategic choices that will lead to world conflicts that threaten to be very heavy,” said Le Pen, who is herself vying for the French presidency next year.

“In the interests of France,” she said, the White House should go to “anyone but Hillary Clinton”.

Le Pen also said Clinton’s “economic choices would be destructive to the well-being” of the French people.

Regarding Donald Trump, Le Pen said she and he were “not insiders… will not take orders from such and such a financial power or multi-national interest.”






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