Rotting whale buried at Nova Scotia beach after fears it could explode

The Nova Scotia government has buried a foul-smelling whale carcass at a beach following appeals from a councillor who feared the rotting remains that had washed up would explode on unsuspecting passersby.

Gary Mattie, a councillor in Antigonish County in eastern Nova Scotia, had been trying to get the whale removed since a woman on Tracadie Island recently found it on the shore.

He said officials with the department told him it couldn’t be removed because it’s in a protected area and machinery couldn’t be brought onto the beach.

Mattie said he was concerned methane gas produced during decomposition could cause the whale to blow up unexpectedly.

“People are curious and if they go there to take pictures and whatever … we don’t know when it could happen,” Mattie said.

‘The whale has been dealt with’

He also said the foul odour the carcass is giving off could attract other animals to the area.

A spokesman with the Natural Resources Department said Thursday that staff moved the whale further down the beach and buried it.

“Given this is a protected beach, the department thought it appropriate we take the time to consider all relevant factors,” Bruce Nunn said in the emailed statement.

“It was done first thing today. The whale has been dealt with.”

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