Trump or Clinton: Consult our celebrity scorecard to see who backs whom

He, or she, is the candidate you just can’t stomach — and now that girlfriend from high school is declaring her support in another jaw-dropping Facebook post.

It’s happened to all of us.

But where Facebook friends deal in inconsequential memes, Hollywood celebrities can bring real heft to a candidate, in the form of fundraising galas and star-studded endorsements.

Jay Z, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez are just a few stars flexing their musical muscle in concerts supporting Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

Republican nominee Donald Trump — a celebrity in his own right — can count on Happy Days’ Scott Baio and Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight in his corner. But he lost previous endorsements from singer Aaron Carter, rapper Azealia Banks and actress Kirstie Alley following the leaked Access Hollywood tape.

Now, with what’s been a nasty U.S. presidential campaign coming to a conclusion, it’s time to take stock of which star stands where in the race for the White House. And perhaps take a hard look at your Facebook friends list.

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