Walk Off the Earth gets grief for World Cup anthem

At the World Cup of Hockey final last night, Walk Off the Earth learned that when you break out a ukulele and a melodica to perform O Canada, there will definitely be whinging.

The Burlington, Ont. band performed the national anthem before the second game of the final between team Canada and team Europe.

It could be best described as an unconventional rendition, bringing the Juno award-winning band’s indie pop style to an anthem that is usually reserved and ceremonial.

Here’s what Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price looked like while they performed:

Carey price world cup anthem

The band also sang “in all of us command” instead of “in all thy sons command,” embracing Mauril Belanger’s private member’s bill that passed this summer, which would make the anthem more gender neutral.

The Liberal MP died of ALS in August. The bill passed by a vote of 225 to 74, but still needs to go to the Senate.

Predictably, some on the internet were not amused, and the band took to Twitter to defend itself.

Others simply disliked the stylistic choices.

Many, though, backed up the band.

In the end, Canada continued its dominance at the international level for hockey, topping Europe 2-1 in the dying minutes of the game on a shorthanded goal from Brad Marchand — and really, that’s all that matters.