Why this peculiar integrate isn’t indispensably a disaster for Canada: Chris Hall

One personality is a unapproachable feminist who appoints women to fill half his cupboard posts. The other calls women who plea him pigs and slobs.

One personality welcomes Syrian refugees to his country. The other insists he’ll send them behind since they might be terrorists.

These are only dual examples of a differences in a domestic approach, and in a core beliefs, of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. president-elect Donald Trump.

They’re about as conflicting as any dual leaders can be. And, opposite to a aged saying, in politics opposites frequency attract.

trump trudeau composite

Trump and Trudeau share really small in common. (Carlo Allegri, Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Yet, Trudeau will have to find a proceed to allege critically critical issues — such as trade, security, meridian change and appetite process — with an incoming boss with whom he shares so small in common, a male disposed to holding to Twitter in a passed of night to respond to a smallest of slights, possibly genuine or perceived.

“The attribute between Canada and a United States is formed on common values and common hopes and dreams, and we will always work good together,” a primary apportion told thousands of immature people attending a WE Day eventuality in suburban Ottawa on Wednesday.

“We are clever since we listen to any other and we honour any other. The fact is, we have listened clearly from Canadians and from Americans that people wish a satisfactory shot during success.”

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Trudeau swept to appetite final year on a guarantee to reduce taxes for a center class, and to emanate pursuit opportunities for those seeking to join it. Trump, in his possess way, is earnest many a same by obscure taxation rates for all income classes and charity aloft deductions for families, child caring and seniors.

But it’s right about there that any similarities finish between a coarse, anger-fuelled Trump and a urbane, balmy ways of a younger Trudeau.

Extreme views

Trump’s many impassioned views are well-known.

He’s vowed to build a wall between Mexico and a U.S. and to make Mexico compensate for it.

He’s pronounced he’ll expatriate millions of bootleg immigrants, slice adult NAFTA and get out of a Trans-Pacific Partnership.

And he’s pronounced he’ll lift a U.S. out of a Paris Accord, job meridian change a hoax combined by a Chinese to criticise U.S. businesses overseas.

Those final two, trade and meridian change, will have a proceed impact on Canada if Trump follows by with his debate promises. They will certainly be among a initial issues Trudeau needs to residence when he and Trump accommodate in a new year.

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose wants Trudeau to strech out to Trump right divided to press for a annulment of President Barack Obama’s preference to reject a Keystone XL tube from Alberta to oil refineries on a U.S. Gulf Coast.

And there’s a renewed pull to negotiate a new understanding on softwood lumber to conduct off another crippling trade war.

Softwood Lumber Talks 20161012

There’s a clarity of coercion to strech a new softwood lumber understanding with a U.S. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Scotty Greenwood, comparison confidant to a Canadian-American Business Council and one of a many associating experts on family between a dual countries, says a differences between Trump and Trudeau shouldn’t forestall them from building a healthy operative relationship.

“You don’t need a bromance during a tip to continue to get things done,” she said, adding Trudeau’s response to Tuesday’s choosing has been “pitch-perfect.”

She separates a debate tongue Trump used — his vouch to slice adult NAFTA, for instance — from what he will do once he rigourously takes bureau in January.

“Remember, a president-elect is not an ideologue. He’s a deal-maker. He knows a good understanding when he sees one. When he talks about ripping adult NAFTA, he’s meditative of Mexico and a detriment of American production jobs to that country. Not Canada.”

‘You don’t need a bromance during a tip to continue to get things done.’ 
– Scotty Greenwood, comparison confidant to a Canadian-American Business Council

Liberal MP Wayne Easter is Canadian co-chair of a Canada-U.S. Interparliamentary Group. He says Canadians need to take a low exhale before worrying about what Trump will do once he’s ensconced in a White House.

“He’s going to fast comprehend a problems of ruling and balancing that new existence opposite a commitments he finished in a campaign.”

He says trade and meridian change will both be a vital concentration of meetings between Canadian MPs and their counterparts in Congress during a supposed lame-duck event between now and January, and beyond.

“We have to work on them so they know a approach, that it’s probable to strengthen a sourroundings while advancing mercantile growth.”

Others aren’t so sure.

Some unfamiliar process analysts contend Canada will have to examination a devise to put a cost on CO emissions in 2018, that will arise to $50 a tonne by 2022. They disagree it will make Canadian companies reduction rival than those in a U.S.

‘Trump competence surprise’

New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen says his celebration will titillate a primary apportion “to reason on for dear life to Canadian values” in any review he has with a domestic personality who targeted Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, women and other groups for domestic gain.

“Trump competence warn and find tact in his character,” he said. “It’s not his clever suit. It isn’t what got him elected. Yet bureau changes people. When people come into that shortcoming and are briefed each morning on a state of a universe and their purpose in it, we wish he can rouse it and a people he brings into cupboard can do a same.”


Trump’s middle circle, that includes former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, could have a poignant impact on how he governs. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

There are questions about only how many Trump indeed knows about Canada. He did ridicule a country’s concept health-care complement in one of a debates. Key advisers such as former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, already being touted for a cupboard post, have finished a same.

‘He’s going to fast comprehend a problems of ruling and balancing that new existence opposite a commitments he finished in a campaign.’
– Liberal MP Wayne Easter 

“How many of we have ever left to Canada for health treatment?” Giuliani asked during a Trump rally. “Do we know what it’s like? It’s terrible, right? You mount in line and afterwards we die!”

The good news is that others in Trump’s middle round do know Canada. The conduct of his transition team, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, is one of them.

There are also opportunities for Canada to reinstate a U.S. as a end for unfamiliar investment, quite from countries Trump has bashed such as Mexico and China.

This nation could also attract gifted foreigners who wish to come to North America to allege their businesses or rise their ideas, though see a United States that’s reduction welcoming.

Trump’s aphorism is to Make America Great Again. Trudeau’s plea is to make certain it doesn’t occur during a responsibility of this country.

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