YouTube stars meet fans, each other at Toronto Buffer Fest

YouTube has proven its power to catapult people into stardom—think Justin Bieber, Brampton’s Alessia Cara and Australian-born teen star Cody Simpson, to name a few.

At Toronto’s Buffer Festival, from Oct. 20-23, online creators are reminded they’re rockstars in their own right, at least when it comes to YouTube. The annual event isn’t just a meeting of the minds, it’s also a chance for video makers to talk to their fans.

“I definitely want to make a positive impact on something and kind of break stereotypes,” said Youtube star Linda Dong.

Dong, who lives in Vancouver, makes and stars in comedy videos. One, titled My Boyfriend’s Hot Best Girl Friend, has more than 12 million views.

She said that growing up, many people didn’t think she could keep making YouTube videos long-term.

“I really want to show people that you can use art, and you can succeed if you try hard enough.”

YouTube provides chance to grow

As a YouTuber’s following grows, the chances of getting a foothold in the larger entertainment industry grow too.

“For me, I do want to tell bigger stories but YouTube is a way to get there much faster, and continue to do what you love to do,” said YouTube creator Devin Graham.

Graham is an American photographer who shoots extreme videos and adventure sports. His channel, under the name devinsupertramp, has more than four million subscribers.

Buffer Fest features YouTube premieres, workshops and red carpets. More than 100 YouTubers are in attendance. including singers, comedians and photographers.

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